C.O.R.R.E Family Support


    C reating

  O ptions

R ights

                            R esponsibilities and

E quity

" For mothers with an intellectual disability or learning difficulty."  

Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) fund this service which enables us to offer a range of supports for mothers with an intellectual disability or learning difficulty.

Our vision is for mothers with an intellectual disability or learning difficulty to be accepted as active and valued community members.

To be eligible for our service women need to have the care of their children or have a restoration plan in place.

Group Work
Case Management
Want to find out more about the service?
Healthy Start Hub

Group Work

Our weekly groups give the mothers the chance to share ideas, learn new skills, talk about parenting issues and reduce isolation by making new friends. Some group work programs also include fathers.

Case Management

We also provide case management services including support, advocacy and home visiting to assist you

  • set your own goals for the future
  • Make plans to achieve your goals
  • Learn and practice new skills

We have a variety of parenting resources that we use to assist our mothers including

  • I want to be a good parent
  • Safe sex and fun
  • Healthy and Safe
  • Parenting skills cards
  • 123 Magic

What happens if you're interested to find out more about the service?

One of the Family Support Workers, Janis or Rachel will make a time to see you at the W.A.S.H. House or at home.

When we meet you what will we talk about?

  • What help we can offer
  • Who can use our service
  • What you want to change in your life

If you're not eligible for our service then we will try to find you another service that can help.

If you are offered a place in our service remember using our service is your choice. We will regularly talk to you about whether it's helpful to stay with the service.

 Click here to download our referral form and brochure

Healthy Start

Healthy Start is an Australia-wide strategy to support parents with learning difficulties and promote a healthy start to life for their young children. There are articles and best practice tips on the healthy start website.

Click here to download a brochure developed by the Mt Druitt Hub around busting myths about parenting with an intellectual disability.

Follow this link to the Healthy Start website

C.O.R.R.E Family Support is funded by Ageing,  Disability and Home Care (ADHC), Family and Community Services NSW