Group Work

Each school term we offer a variety of free group programs for health, wellbeing and leisure (e.g. Yoga,Tai Chi, Arts & Crafts). Although all groups are free, we welcome gold coin donations to help us cover the costs.

Bookings for groups are essential, please call in to the centre or call for a term program. You cannot bring children to groups.

The groups are colour coded - blue, purple red and orange.

  • Blue - Usually run for the whole term where you are able to book 1 blue group only. However, you can also put your name down on a 2nd choice blue group and we will contact you if a space is available

  • Purple - For specific participants only

  • Red - These groups are unlimited. You can do as many as you want

  • Orange - These are open groups and you do not need to book

Please note that some of our groups are held at the Mount Druitt Community HUB

Forms for Group Work

Interested in a group or have any questions?

Feel free to get in touch via the form to submit your expression of interest

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