Outer West Domestic Violence Network (OWDVN)

Our Aim:

Based in Blacktown LGA*, the OWDVN is an interagency group which aims to work collaboratively to address Domestic/Family Violence within a human rights framework advocating the right to safety for all women and children.

*Comprising 3 Local Area Commands (LACs) Blacktown, Mt Druitt and Quakers Hill


  • To provide a forum for coordinated, timely response to domestic/family violence issues in Blacktown LGA.

  • To increase safety and support for women and children in the Blacktown LGA through education and prevention programs, and through partnerships and collaboration.

  • To increase knowledge, resources and activities which addressing the needs of women and children affected by violence.

  • To advocate, lobby and engage with policy makers and key influential, building awareness and the capacity for system change.

What we do:

  • Understand and communicate the true nature and depth of domestic/family

  • Undertake local projects and events addressing domestic/family violence across the Blacktown LACs.

  • Develop and distribute information and resources relating to domestic/family violence. This includes the crisis referral cards and the OWDVN services directory.

  • Work to decrease incidents of domestic/family violence.

  • and encourage information sharing, collaboration and participation.

  • Keep the prevention of violence against women on the public agenda

  • Create opportunities for professional development

  • Provide mutual support for our peers, building  relationships that support integrated service provision.


  • Meetings are open to all organisations in the Blacktown LGA that support families who are affected by domestic/family violence

  • Meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month (except December and January), 2:30pm-4:30pm at the Mount Druitt HUB (Upstairs from the Mount Druitt Library).

  • The March meeting of every year is set aside for review of OWDVN terms of reference and to plan projects for the coming year.

  • The role of minute taker at the meetings is rotated through the membership

  • Students on placement at OWDVN Network member organisations are welcome to attend the meetings in an observer capacity. Students must always be accompanied by a paid staff member/ supervising staff member of the organisation they are placed with. Students must not be sent as representatives of the organisation they are placed with.


  • Events will be updated during the year