Examples of programs, people, services and products we are currently seeking funds for are below. Partial funding or sponsorship will be accepted for all projects.


  • $100,000 for five days per week of Crisis Counselling (or $20,000 for one day per week). This covers one year.

    Our free counselling services, offering therapeutic support (both individual counselling and group work) for women are currently unfunded. We need $100,000 to continue this service for 12 months.

  • $45,000 for MATE Bystander Intervention Program.

    This project is designed to build capacity across the Blacktown local government area for community members to engage in safe and early intervention in domestic and family violence (D&FV) with the long-term aim to create a critical mass for cultural change to address the pervasive and intergenerational violence in the Blacktown community. The MATE Bystander Intervention program will support community to understand the drivers of domestic and family abuse and respond to endemic violence and inequalities in a safe way. Individuals will be empowered to know they can make a difference and gain the tools and confidence to effectively tackle beliefs and behaviours that allow violence to continue.   


  • $17,000 for Fierce and Fearless.

    We will work with young women in schools to apply mindfulness to support them to regulate their emotions and reduce stress, anxiety and depression. The program will teach coping and calming techniques and improve behavioural and academic outcomes as well as promote pro-social behaviours. As the young women transition from high school to tertiary education or into work, the skills developed in the program will be applicable in many situations - from negotiating pay and conditions at work, to identifying opportunities for leadership, innovation and change-making. Mindfulness and leadership tools will also equip the girls with the ability to negotiate safe and healthy interpersonal relationships, make empowered and positive choices about their online presence, navigate stressful and challenging situations and set a positive example for those around them.


  • $18,000 for Healing Retreats.

    This free program offers intensive recovery and personal development opportunities for women who are survivors of complex trauma including child sexual abuse and family violence. During the program participants are guided to develop self-care practices, map and celebrate their healing journey, confront shadow aspects of themselves, embrace and integrate personal strengths, envision a new way of being, create a way forward and develop a supportive community of women. Participants develop skills such as mindfulness, meditation, centering and self-awareness, reflection, journalling, creative expression and relationship and community building.


  •  $10,000 for Women’s Health and Support Brokerage Fund.

    Flexible support funding packages for women to assist with crisis situations. This funding is needs based to support women to move out of crisis, address urgent health needs and stabilise and improve their safety, whilst promoting recovery, wellbeing and independence.


  •  $6,800 for Sexual Lives and Respectful Relationships.

    SLLR is a peer led relationships and violence and abuse prevention program for people with a disability. It uses a systemic prevention framework and goes beyond the teaching of sexual health and a set of 'rules' for self-protection. It aims to create a space which holds people with intellectual disability central promoting individual empowerment, which in itself is a protective factor. The program is delivered across four sessions, it based on real life stories of people with intellectual disability collected in research, themes include relationships, violence and abuse, sexuality, sexual health and sexual assault.



  • Volunteer Board Members (Women only). Bring your skills and expertise in financial management, strategic planning, governance or marketing to our Board.

  • Volunteer to facilitate a group work program and share your specialist knowledges and skills with other women, for example self-defence, meditation, art therapy, home maintenance – the possibilities are endless!

  • Offer your professional services pro bono to support the women we work with for example legal services, accounting services, tax returns, driving lessons.



  •    Paint the interior of our building to improve the facilities for our clients.



  •    Install Workstations to improve the layout and provide space for us to increase our team.

  •    Install Custom cabinetry and storage solutions to save space and increase our capacity to deliver services.


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